3. June 2023

Intrac 2011 snow blower with two shoots

Features: Working double shoot snow blower

After the first snow blower model (Unimog 4023) I wanted to build a better snow blower. This time I wanted to build a tracked vehicle because I expected it would work better in snow. Furthermore, I wanted to build a snow blower where a drum with an auger on it spins fast and shoots the snow directly out of the snow blower. I hoped that this solution works better due to less mechanical components. The main issue was to build this auger-drum and let it spin at high rpm and enough torque. Therefore, I used three buggy motors and two Buwizzs. Overall, it didn’t work so well. Actually, there was enough power to dig through a pile 7-8 cm fresh snow and to blow it somewhere. This somewhere was the problem. There were to large gap masses at the blower so the snow was blowing out somewhere else than out of the shoots. Concluding the model and the snow blower were powerful enough but the snow didn’t escape through the shoot of the blower. The model has the following functions:

  • Driving track right: 2 x PF XL motor
  • Driving track left: 2 x PF XL motor
  • Lifting the snow blower: 1 x PF L motor
  • Snow blower auger and blower: 3 x buggy motor
  • Shoot control: 2 x 9V micro motor
  • Control: 3 x Sbrick and 2 x Buwizz