3. June 2023

Aggregate processing plant built from 42055 set

As always, I need a remote-controlled version of the 42055 B-model. As the B-model seems to have optimization potential I started from scratch with the parts of the 42055 set and some PF elements. The model has a gear selector and the following functions:

Features: 6 functions aggregate processing plant with selector

  • 1 x PF M motor: Gear selector
  • 1 x PF XL motor: position 1 belt nr. 1 raise, position 2 belts and shaker control
  • 1 x PF L motor: position 1 track right side, position 2 belt nr. 2 raise
  • 1 x PF L motor: position 1 track left side, position 2 direction of belt nr. 2
  • Control: 2 x PF IR receiver