3. June 2023

Mercedes Zetros with beer opener

Features: Adjustable beer opener for glass bottles

After I had machine which brings the beers, I need another machine which opens the bottles. Here you have it on the base of a 6 x 6 chassis with a Mercedes Zetros cabin on it, solid axle suspension and center diff-lock. The model has several pneumatic functions which are controlled via pneumatic selector. So, there are two PF servo motors which control via selector four pneumatic valves and functions. The opening mechanism works with the leverage law and the metallic crane hook. The model has the following functions:

  • Driving: PF XL motor
  • Steering: PF servo motor
  • Hight adjustment 1: PF M motor
  • PF L motor: gear selector
  • 1 x PF servo motor: position 1 outriggers, position 2 bottle opener
  • 1 x PF servo motor: position 1 height adjustment 2 depending on bottle type, position 2 fixation of bottle
  • Control: 2 x SBrick