3. June 2023

Semi tractor unit inspired by Scania

Features: 6×4 drive, steering, remote controlled 5th wheel

Scania trucks are nice and capable trucks. Therefore, this model represents a Scania 6×4 tractor unit with the possibility to pull trailers. The hut is inspired by the Scania S-series and the chassis by Scandinavian tractor units for double trailer systems. The scale of the model is around 1:16.5 and fits to the LEGO Mercedes Arocs (42043) model. It also fits to other MOC of mine like the dump truck, the wheel loader or the telehandler for which you can also find instructions here. The model is suspended at the front axle with common LEGO hard shock absorbers and at the rear axles with rubber suspension similar to air-suspension at real trucks. The fifth-wheel has a self-locking-mechanism for coupling trailers. To open the fifth-wheel a small linear actuator is used as shown in the video. The video also shows which type of king pin you need on your trailer for coupling on the present truck. The model can pull trailer at least up to 4 kg. The model consists 100% of LEGO parts and can be remote controlled with LEGO Powered Up (PU) elements. The model has the following functions:

  • Drive: 2x PU XL motor 
  • Steering: 1x PU L motor 
  • Fifth-wheel: 1x Wedo 2.0 motor Control: C+ hub Instruction: 
  • Control: Lego Technic hub (PU)