3. June 2023

Telehandler inspired by JCB

Features: Remote controlled boom extension und pneumatic bucket

The present model is a telehandler and inspired by JCB telehandlers. Its scale is around 1:16.5. The model is controlled via 5 functions and it has 4×4 drive and steering. Due to its small size there is only one steering option available. The model is controlled via two SBricks and six power function motors. The bucket is controlled with a pneumatic cylinder. The model is agile and has fast working functions. Like this it is possible to shovel serious amounts of bulk in short time. There are instruction pdf instructions for this model available which I made with Stud.io. The model has the following functions:

  • Driving: 1x PF L motor
  • Steering: 1x PF servo motor
  • Boom: 1x PF L motor
  • Boom extension: 1x PF M motor
  • Bucket: 1x PF servo motor, 1x PF M motor
  • Control: 2 x Sbrick