3. June 2023

Unimog 406 with diff-lock and portal axles

Features: 4-wheel drive, diff-lock and portal axles

When the Claas tires (109 mm tractor tires) were presented by LEGO I knew that I need to build an agricultural Unimog with off-road capabilities. The present model has portal axles, front and rear diff-lock, two speed transmission, winch and old school lock. It worked well and had a lot of ground clearance. I built a transmission without back lash for optimal power transmission. There was almost no back lash in the transmission but shifting gears didn’t work so well. The model has the following functions:

  • Driving: 2 x PF XL motor
  • Steering: 1 x PF servo motor
  • Winch: 1 x PF L motor
  • Diff-lock: 1 x PF M motor with auto-valve
  • Control: 2 x SBrick