3. June 2023

Trailer with sliding curtains

Features: remote controlled curtains, parking brake and landing legs

The present trailer is fully remote controlled and has sliding curtains at both sides which can be opened. Like this it is possible to load the trailer from both sides with forklifts, telehandler, and other machines. The opening mechanism of the sliding curtains works with two cables at the floor of the trailer and a gearbox at the front of the trailer which powers two winches at each side of the trailer. The truck is built 100% of LEGO parts and controlled with PoweredUP motors and hub. Furthermore, the model has a steered third axle and parking brakes at the first and second axle. All axles are suspended on rubber dampers. The model is built in scale 1:16.5 and fits to my Scania tractor unit. Remote controlled functions:

  • Sliding Curtains left side: 1 x PU L motor
  • Sliding Curtains right side: 1 x PU L motor
  • Gearbox for directions of the curtains: 1 x PU L motor
  • Landing legs and parking brakes: 1 x PU L motor
  • forced steering over the king pin