3. June 2023

Mack Anthem Dump Truck

Features: Remote controlled dumping mechanism and 5th wheel

The MACK Anthem tractor is the same as in previous builds. There is only a small change in the cabin and an additional wire from the Sbrick/Buwizz to the trailer was added. The pneumatic pump in the trailer is powered by one PF L motor which is connected via a wire to the tractor. Additionally, a pneumatic auto valve was added to the PF L motor at the trailer. Today this setup is expensive because the pneumatic cylinders were only used in the LEGO model 42043. The model has the following functions:

  • Driving: 2 x PF L motor
  • Steering: 1 x PF servo motor
  • 5th wheel: 1 x PF M motor with auto valve for coupling
  • Dumping: 1 x PF L motor with auto valve