3. June 2023

Airport rescue vehicle with water monitor

Features: Two working water monitors and function selector

This airport recue vehicle was strongly inspired by the LEGO set 42068 but it is a MOC. Only a small part of the look is copied from the LEGO set. In my option the mechanics of the original set where disappointing and not realistic. Furthermore, I wanted to have a working and remote-controlled model. Therefore, I built a model with four pneumatic air tanks for water storage and pressure pump so that the model has two working water monitors controlled via a PF servo motor coupled to a pneumatic valve and an auto compressor. The model has a selector by which it is possible to control with four motors six functions. The model has the following functions:

  • 1 x PF M motor: gear selector:
  • 1 x PF L motor: position 1 driving, position 2 control of the arm second section
  • 1 x PF L motor: position 1 arm section 1, position 2 direction of water monitor at the arm
  • 1 x PF servo motor: position 1 steering, position 2 valve for water monitors
  • 1 x PF L motor: pneumatic pump with auto pressure control over PF switch, pneumatic 6L cylinder and rubber belt.
  • Control: 2 x PF IR receiver