3. June 2023

Wheel loader inspired by Volvo loaders

Features: 4×4 drive, pendular rear axle, remote control, pneumatic boom and bucket control, Power Functions and SBrick

Volvo medium wheel loaders were imitated with this wheel loader in 1:16.5 scale. It was the aim to design a model which looks great and works and behaves like the real wheel loader. In the front part of the model space was even more limited than in the order sections. Linear actuators did not fit into the front part. Therefore, it was necessary to use pneumatics. The advantages of pneumatics are the flexible hoses which can be placed in abandoned places which the propulsion for linear actuators cannot reach. Furthermore, less space for the mounting of the pneumatic cylinder is needed compared linear actuators and pneumatic cylinders have compared to linear actuators relative more stroke length in relation to total length of the unit. Disadvantages are bad control under load and the need of additional motors for the compressor. But the main issue of pneumatics is that air is compressible. To overcome these disadvantages, it is important to build a strong compressor. The pneumatics of this model are powered with two PF L motors and six pneumatic small pumps. Furthermore, a precise valve is important to control the airflow, mainly when releasing air under pressure. I solved this problem with a PF servo motor in combination with a gear reduction between the PF servo motor and the valve (The mechanics you can find here and here). With these measures it was possible to create a model with a pleasant performance. The model has the following functions:

  • Driving: 1 x PF XL motor
  • Steering: 1 x PF M motor
  • Boom control: 1 x PF servo motor
  • Bucket control: 1 x PF servo motor
  • Programmed auto compressor: 2 x PF L motor
  • Control: 2 x Sbrick