1. April 2023

Unimog 4023 with working snow blower

Features: Working snow blower and Unimog with diff-lock

A model with working snow blower was always a dream of me. So why not to try it LEGO…stupid idea but after several tests it worked. This Unimog is a scale model but without portal axles and without front axle diff-lock. These features were just not possible at this scale. The snow blower itself is not scale. The shape was adapted to the mechanics. It works pretty well for LEGO. Of course, it doesn’t shoot snow meters away but it is digging its way through the snow and the blower consist of 100% LEGO original parts. The main issues were to reach high enough rotation speed at the propeller of the snow blower and reasonable torque (it needs a lot of torque to transfer snow in a blower and shoot it out). Furthermore, power supply a low temperature was also an issue. How the blower works: Snow is transferred via auger to the middle of the snow blower where a propeller spins at high rpm and shoots the snow out of the blower (For more information just check the video). The model has the following functions:

  • Driving: 2 x PF XL motor
  • Steering: 1 x PF servo motor
  • Diff-lock: 1 x PF servo motor, 1 x PF L motor for pump
  • Lifting the blower: 1 x PF L motor
  • Snow blower auger: 2 x PF XL Motor
  • Snow blower propeller: 2 x buggy motor
  • Snow blower shoot control: 1 x 9V micro motor
  • Mechanical power switch for snow blower: 1 x PF switch and 1 x PF M motor
  • Control: 2 x Sbrick